Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I feel like such a blog failure lately. Life has been so insane and I haven't found the time, although there has been much to blog about. On Friday, I went and saw theBYU International Folk Ensemble. They were great, and it was very interesting to see dances of different cultures. Made me want to dance.
After the folk dancing we went out to the ice caves to have fun, but there was no way we were getting to the ice caves. We did travel through what seemed like miles of mud, and Ricks truck will never be the same.

On Sunday, I had a great day. Relaxing, spiritual, the usual actually. But when we got out of church, Rick and I decided to explore through a door that we never had been in before. It had a spiral staircase that went up for what seemed like years, especially in the dark. We ventured around for a little while and then invited some friends to help us explore and went in with flashlights this time. It was a little more scary this time because of the creepy upside down friend we made:
Why would BYU-Idaho feel the need to hang these huge statues upside down from the ceiling? Are they trying to scare me? It was a lot of fun exploring the Snow building from the basement to the ceiling. I would love the find all the secrets in every building on campus.

Another big thing that is going on in my life is my orthodontist visit I had yesterday. That's right, I'm getting braces. April 21st will be a life changing day for this 23-year-old college senior. They said I will most likely have them for less than a year and a half, but we'll see. I'm excited to see the end results. Not so much excited for the pain.
Now other than that, I'm just making my way through finals. It will be a crazy few weeks and I'm so ready for classes to end. Summer semester is calling my name.

Also - here are some images that we are putting on the blog: 

Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Apartment

Today Stuart and I went and signed contracts for Bunkhouse Apartments. I'm excited to move back to a social atmosphere, but I am not quite sure how I feel about moving back to my old ward. It is going to be strange. Oh well. I realized today how selfish I've been about roommates and housing, so I decided to let Stu pick where we went. He suggested the 35th ward, and I was fine with it. We're going to be living in Apartment 15, the neighbor apartment of where we used to live. It'll be weird to have neighbors on both sides, I've never had that before. But I'm really excited for the summer semester. I also dropped my math class so I wont have to worry about that during the beautiful weather.

We also went to the temple as old roommates. Johnny, Rick, Dave, Seth and myself all had dinner together, then went to the temple. It was great. The temple was packed which is always a great thing to see. What kind of stinks about that is that Seth didn't make it into our session, so he waited patiently for us to finish. It was still really great. Then we went to a friends house and watched her open her mission call. New Mexico. Way fun. Great day overall.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Luck of the Irish

I love holidays, and I love FHE sisters who are sweet. Our FHE sisters helped us celebrate St. Patrick's day by supplying us with a bunch of gold and shamrocks. It was pretty funny though because our front door faces the sun, so the coins on the door were COMPLETELY melted. It took me a while to get them off without getting chocolate anywhere. So much fun. I also wore a green sweater today to celebrate Irishness. I don't really know what this holiday is all about, but it is pretty fun to see everyone wearing green.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The RR challenge

So last night my roommate Rick gave me a challenge to avoid gossip, criticism and complaining. To help with this he gave me a bracelet made out of what appears to be a shoelace, with the directions of swapping wrists each time I gossip, criticize or complain. It has been life changing. Well... not really life changing, but maybe day changing. After a while it may change my life, but for now I'm still adjusting. I only had to change the bracelet twice today, maybe should've been three, but I like the sound of two better. It should be an interesting experience. Basically I may end up being a positive person. Who knows.

In other news, we lost our wallyball tournament tonight. This was not my favorite season for sports. I can't wait until soccer and grass volleyball in the summer. It is going to be so nice being outside all the time. Went for a 3 mile run outside. So nice. I love the "warm" weather. 45 degrees today. So nice, relatively speaking. I also interviewed to be a coordinator for Service Activities. It went well, we'll see what the outcome of that is. Hopefully I get a good position. I'll keep things updated.

Monday, March 15, 2010

I Done Did It

I quit my job today. Big news, I know. I don't actually leave my job until April 20, but I wanted to give my boss the heads up that I didn't plan on returning in the spring. It is actually quite sad because I love my job, I just had outgrown the organization. After 5 semesters of being involved in the same organization, you need a change of scenery. I have rearranged my schedule (and am now ecstatic about taking math during the summer) and am working 20 hours a week in the English department. Change is always good. Bring it on world, I'm ready for something new and amazing!

In other news today, our amazing FHE group made pizza, and in the competition of it all, I'm pretty sure our BBQ chicken pizza won. We didn't have an official judge, but since I'm the one writing, I think it's safe to say that ours was the best. :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Life Goals

So I already posted today...actually since it's past midnight, it is a new day, but I thought I would get a lot of use out of my blog while I still have the drive. I have a list of 50 life goals that I thought would be fun to put in here, so here goes:

1. Serve a mission

2. Ride a horse

3. Put my feet in the Atlantic Ocean

4. Become fluent in 2 foreign languages

5. Get married in the temple

6. Go hunting

7. Backpack through Central America

8. Receive my master’s degree

9. Do the temple work for my grandparents

10. Visit South Africa

11. Visit India

12. Visit Ethiopia

13. Visit El Salvador

14. Visit Argentina

15. Visit a Croatian beach

16. Go on a gondola ride in Venice

17. Eat a deep fried tarantula

18. Milk a cow

19. Take voice lessons

20. Go on an African safari

21. Learn to draw cartoons

22. Serve a mission with my wife

23. Help build a home for the needy

24. Visit all 50 states

25. Go surfing

26. Hike Niagara Falls

27. Go rock climbing

28. Catch a fish with my bare hands

29. Go to a movie premier

30. Learn how to play the piano

31. Plant a garden and eat the food

32. Teach my kids Spanish

33. Learn to do a cartwheel

34. Go up in a hot air balloon

35. Live in a foreign country

36. Adopt

37. Learn to dance

38. See a penguin in the wild

39. Go bungee jumping

40. Spend New Years Eve on Times Square

41. Save someone’s life

42. Coach a little league soccer team

43. Read the “classics”

44. Hang glide

45. Spend a week outdoors surviving on nature

46. See the northern lights

47. Run a marathon

48. Have a picture published in a magazine

49. Have children

50. Be happy

Part of my life goals is to get a picture of me doing each one of these things. More will come, doubt I'll post them all, but some.

Pi Day

I don't know what possessed me to start a blog. Maybe it is the fact that I have such an amazing life I want to share it with the world, or maybe it's due to the fact that the journal I begged for is sitting on my shelf nearly completely blank. Maybe online will be easier? Who knows.

Seems as though this is pretty painless. I don't have any cool pictures to put up or anything, but I will get to be really good at this I'm sure. So what is something interesting I could put in here today? Well, it's Pi day, March 14. Going to a pie party tonight and going to eat my body weight in pie. Should be pretty amazing. That's about it for now, better blog posts will come soon.