Thursday, April 26, 2012

Maple Candy

Well... Caitlin and I have big news.

We're moving to Vermont!

I got accepted to graduate school back east so we'll be taking off in August to go get an apartment and situate ourselves in New England. We're really excited even though we don't know much about the move yet. The school I'm going to attend is called the School of International Training and I will receive my degree in Sustainable Development. The program takes a year and then you have to do a 6 month - 9 month long international practicum and present your work to the board for review in order to receive your degree - so we'll only be out in Vermont for about a year - so you only have that long to come visit us and some of the other sights of New England. 

Where the school is at is about 2.5 hours from Boston and 3.5 hours from NYC. We're on the Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire border. The ward we will attend is actually in New Hampshire. Aaaah!!! We're really excited! I'm sure there will be many more posts about moving to Vermont, but in the meantime, please enjoy this video of Chandler and Ross enjoying maple candy while in Vermont.  


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Perfect Date

I hope everyone is aware that today is the perfect date. And if you're wondering, it's currently 61 degrees in Provo, Utah and I didn't even bring a light jacket to work. :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

BYU Volleyball

Caitlin and I love going to BYU volleyball games! BYU is ranked #4 right now and we love getting in on the action. They played Penn State on Friday and we cheered our little hearts out acting as though BYU-Idaho and BYU are the same schools. It's weird to think that we totally missed out on the whole "school spirit" thing. BYU and BYU-Idaho are sooooooooo different when it comes to student life and activities. We're grateful that we were able to attend and graduate from BYU-Idaho, and we're glad that we can now make up for the lack of sports and school spirit while we live in Provo... especially with the volleyball games. 

 Not the best shot of the game, but it's as good as I can get with my phone. 

 We love the guy in the background of this picture. Afterward he apologized and asked if he could take a picture of us with the court in the background. Such the funny.

We're sad that the volleyball season is ending, but we're going to try and catch a lacrosse game this weekend before all the BYU sports stop for the summer.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Celebrations

We had a great Easter weekend. We did really well on planning our lesson for Sunday before Sunday, and we had a great time enjoying the weather and time with friends. Here are a few other things we were able to enjoy: 

The Easter Bunny delivered a basket to our house with all sorts of candy and goodies inside. Pride and Prejudice was for Caitlin and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs was mine. The Easter Bunny is so thoughtful. :)

On Sunday morning we made sugar cookies for our 5-year olds. Caitlin insisted that I wear an apron so I insisted that she wear a double apron. I've never seen her get food on her behind while we cook, but just to be safe I figured we could cover her up.

Caitlin modeling.

Making the dough.

Cutting the shapes in my "flirty" apron.

We did Easter shapes - bunnies, flowers, eggs, the usual Easter stuff.

We made 3 dozen cookies and brought about half of them to our class. 

Later that evening we cooked a "traditional" Easter dinner. We made a ham, funeral potatoes, rolls, and salad. Everything turned out delicious, but we cooked WAY too much food. I think we'll be eating ham for a few weeks. 8 pounds is a lot of meat.

Here we are posing with our ham. She was a beauty!

And of course we had to take a picture posing in our Easter outfits. It was a warm day so I shed my suit coat as soon as we got home, but this is the majority of what we wore for church. We never ended up racing our eggs down the hill. We were going to do it on Monday for FHE, but our plans changed. We still have them in the fridge though, just in case we get the urge to find a hill and roll em down.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Mr. & Mrs. Garcia

On Saturday one of my old roommates roommates was getting married in the Salt Lake temple, so Caitlin and I decided to go up and hang out with some of our old Rexburg friends. We realized as we were hanging out with them that we don't really have any friends that we hang out with (sad face) although we do have people over for dinner every once in a while, we don't really have fun couple friends that we get together with or make plans with. New goal: make friends with a couple in our ward. We've started scoping out who could possibly be our friend and we've narrowed it down to a few of the other primary workers. Hopefully they're ok with us forcing them to befriend us. :) 

Anyway, back to the weekend. We met up with Bryce, Ben, Emma, and Laura at temple square and went over to the new City Creek Center. It was unbelievably crowded so we didn't spend a whole lot of time navigating the shopping center, but Caitlin and I definitely want to go back so we can enjoy it a bit more. Instead we watched the fountains and just talked for a long time. Then Andrea (Caitlin's friend from SD) came to meet up with us and the Rexburgians left to go take a nap or do something more exciting, we never really asked what they ended up doing. 

With Andrea we decided to go to the other mall just down the street in SLC to grab some dinner. There were plenty of restaurants at City Creek but we didn't want to have to wait forever to get our food. So we went to the California Pizza Kitchen which was great. It was a lot of fun talking to Andrea - she tells the greatest stories. We also went and bought some new clothes so we could crash Brian Garcia's wedding reception. Andrea didn't come with us to that, but we were able to meet up with our Rexburg friends again. 

Brian and his wife Caitlin enjoying their first dance.

The whole gang at the reception.

Bryce playing with his sparkler and my phone. 

Caitlin and I with our sparklers. 

We had such a great time and kind of wished we were in Rexburg again. But we're happy to be in Provo and act like grown-ups for the time being. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Friends, Not Food...

This baby has been my best friend today. Can food be your friend? I'm pretty sure it can be - and this carrot cake is amazing! We had it in our staff meeting today. Catered from BYU, it has a layer of semi-sweet (or dark) chocolate on the bottom, walnuts stuffed all throughout, and a delicious cream cheese frosting. I am always a fan of carrot cake, and this has made the top of my list.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Decorations

The past two weeks for FHE we've been getting ready for Easter. We don't really have any decorations or anything for any holidays (I think you accumulate that over years of marriage - not when you're newlyweds). So we have to make our own decorations.

This last week we decided to make eggs out of string, water balloons, and glue. They turned out pretty cool so we hung them in our dining room for decoration.

This week for FHE we decided to have an Easter themed lesson and dye easter eggs. We wanted to dye a lot of eggs, but we didn't want a million hard boiled eggs, so we also dyed non-boiled eggs. We were a bit nervous, especially since I killed my first egg (hard boiled, luckily) by dropping it right after I took it out of the dye. But we only had the one casualty. 

Here I am with all the hard boiled ones.

Caitlin posing with the uncooked eggs. We didn't dye them all and are a little worried that the yolk may be a funny color when we finally crack 'em open. We'll see!

 Caitlin's family has a tradition of racing Easter eggs down a hill on Easter, so we prepared special "racing eggs" for the event. I squirted a little extra dye on mine to give it a little something special.

Caitlin wanted to make a "Girl on Fire" egg, but her first attempt wasn't as firey as she would've liked, so she decided to remake it. Here are both of her eggs - the good fire one is on the left, the mistake is on the right.
We'll have to let  you know how the race turns out. I'm highly confident that my egg is made for racing - but since I've never raced eggs before, Caitlin will have the advantage. I'll shoot for beginners luck on this one! :)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Indoor Picnic

We wanted to have a picnic a few nights ago since it had been so nice outside - so we set a night to make turkey burgers and use our cool picnic blanket. Unfortunately, the weather has been a bit unpredictable lately so we were forced to move our picnic to the living room.
But... look how sweet our blanket is (and how happy Caitlin is to be eating on the floor). The turkey burgers were delicious and the candlelight helped set the mood (made us feel more like we were outside).
We love trying to make meals exciting - since we have them every day. Just wait until you see our next (unplanned) eating adventure. I'm sure it will knock your socks off!


This. is. PERFECT.