Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Jake & Ashley Cannon

On Saturday two of our good friends here in Provo got married. It was a beautiful outdoor ceremony. I served my mission with both Jake and Ashley and was so happy to see them tie the knot. Jake's dad married them and Ashley's grandpa walked her down the aisle. She was a beautiful bride. They looked so happy together too!

Since I didn't really know a lot of people at the wedding, we hung out with Maureen and Joe Brandon, one of the senior couples from my mission. They were really close with Ashley in Houston and they loved Jake as well.

We stayed at the wedding/reception for nearly three hours but since we had to finish up stuff for the night we missed the cake cutting/first dance type stuff. We did get to watch some of the guests dance though and that was a lot of fun. They also had some of the best wedding foods there. We didn't get root beer floats (not big soda fans) but we loved the cookies and other treats they had there.

We're actually pretty sad to be leaving Provo since Ashley and Jake are our favorite married friends. Maybe we can convince them to come to Vermont to visit. :)

Their cake was beautiful so Caitlin had to pose next to it before we left.

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