Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sub Par Mini Golf & New Year 2016

For New Year's Eve, we decided to hang out with Tim and Catherine Sebreros and do some mini golf in Alameda. There is a sweet mini golf course in Alameda called Sub Par. The holes are designed around Bay area landmarks. The Golden Gate Bridge, Lombard Street, etc. It made for a really fun night since we recognized all the landmarks we had been visiting for the past few months. 
As it turns out, none of us are too great at mini golf. On some holes, our competition turned into a joke since we were so over par. 
Hole one started us off at Altamont Pass, where there is a large wind farm. We progressed to Fruitvale, I-880, and ended up at the "MacArthur Maze" - which is one of the craziest freeway conjunctions you may ever drive on. 
We also got to visit Berkeley, Napa Valley, and the Sonoma Raceway. 
In the first 9 holes (which ended at the Golden Gate Bridge), Tim was 3 under par, Catherine and I were 1 over, and Caitlin was 4 over. The Golden Gate Bridge is what threw me off (I got 5 on a par 3), but that was nothing compared to the next set of 9. 
Once we made it over the bridge, we visited Alcatraz, the Ferry Building, Coit Tower, and Lombard Street. Lombard Street was a lot of fun to golf down, even if Catherine was 3 over par. 
We ended the course with some of SF victorian houses (Painted Ladies anyone?), The EAR, the Bay Bridge, the Park Street Bridge to get onto Alameda, and San Jose's Winchester Mystery House. 
In the end Tim and Caitlin were the winners, while Catherine and I could barely see par with our high scores. This course is definitely one we will visit again and enjoy with friends. If anyone comes to visit us in Alameda, we will for sure make it a night.
After mini golf, we went back to our apartment to ring in the new year with some cheese and crackers, sparkling cider (thanks to Rick Roper), and some fun games. 
We can tell we're getting old, since we were completely drained by the time midnight came. 
We can't believe that it is already 2016. It seems like just yesterday we were afraid of Y2K (not really, that seems like forever ago!). We can't wait to see what the new year brings! 

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